History :
Garuda Resorts Pvt Ltd was incorporated under Companies Act,1956 on 09th March 1994. Garuda Resort Private Limited is an organization engaged in providing Hospitality services following  the ethics of eco-tourism, International and Domestic tourists, Individuals  and organization.
Management :

Capt. Navneet Singh ,is a shining example of a successful transmission from army life to environment and wildlife conservation .Fourteen  years of successful stewardship of Royal Tiger Resort and an article in the front page of the NewYork Times in May 2000 by Ms. Lynn Sherr (a senior reporter with American Broadcasting Corporation Ltd) mentioning Capt  Navneet  Singh  as  the  best   Naturalist   and the best Resort Manager, is the living proof  of the Captain’s manpower and planning prowess business savvy. An entire chapter has been dedicated to Capt. Navneet Singh and his wife in the book Kanha Tiger Reserve - Portrait of an Indian National Park , written by Dr. Carol Moulton and Ernie J. Hulsey.Capt.Navneet Singh’s commitment to the environment puts him in an excellent position for wildlife resort management and man management interwoven into his field i.e. wildlife tourism / eco tourism.

Capt Navneet Singh and Mrs Deepika Singh,have been managing the resort since the beginning and have successfully made a mark in the international market. At present Mrs Deepika Singh is handling the office affairs of Garuda Resorts Pvt Ltd in New Delhi.

The unit provides employment to both local and expatriate personnel and operates a fleet of vehicles to provide Hospitality Related Services to Guests and visitors to Kanha National Park.

Our Achievements :
  • Article on front page of New York times by Ms. Lynn Sherr.
  • Article in The Sunday- London News Paper.
  • Article in Travel Plus –India Today Magazines.
  • Article in The Pioneer by Mr. Chandan Mitra- MD and Editor.
  • Rated as one of the best 10 wildlife resorts, by renowned Travel Magazines.
  • The only wildlife resort in Madhya Pradesh where palace on wheels has visited thrice.
World Renowned Figures - hosted by Capt. Navneet Singh and Deepika Singh :
  • King Carl Gustaf and Queen Sylvia  of Sweden.
  • Dr. George Scheller- Famous conservationist and writer.(USA)
  • Mr. Nick Garbutt- Wildlife Author, Photographer and artist.(UK)
  • Mr. Robert Bateman - World famous Wildlife artist.(UK)
  • Mr. Bittu Sehgal - Conservationist, photographer and writer.(INDIA)
  • Mr. Art Wolfe - Proffessional wildlife Photographer.(USA)
  • Mr.Rene Pop - Wildlife photographer and writer.(Holand)
  • Mr. Rob Hess – Famous proffessional photographer.( USA)
Esteemed clients of RTR -India (Just to name a few) :
  • Mr. Hemendra Kothari- Chairman- DSP Merrill Lynch.
  • Mr. Ravi Jayewardane- Defence Advisor to the Govt of Sri Lanka and Son of Ex- President of Sri Lanka.
  • Mr. Shitin Desai- Vice Chairman and Managing Director DSP Merrill Lynch.
  • Mr. Kamal Morarkar- Chairman-Morarkar Industries.
  • Mr. Ashok Kumar- Vice President – Wildlife Protection-Society of India.
  • Mr. Ajay Shriram - Shriram Industries.
  • Mr. Arun Dev Upadhyaya- Chairman- DCM   Management Consultant.
  • Mr. Arjun Rampal- Actor.
  • Ms. Meher Jesia - Model.
  • Mrs. Chandrika B Kumaratunga- Ex President of Sri Lanka..
We Accomplish To :
  • Educate  the local villagers about the importance of wildlife and restoration of environment in our country.
  • Provide a unique, enriching and affordable experience to our guests.
  • Generate local employment to villagers and well being in the area.
  • Succeed in our mission with the support of our valuable guests.
  • Restore wildlife and environment by promoting eco tourism.