Name : Remarks :
Ms. Emma Reynolds
Mr. Robert Bennett
We just wanted to say a huge thank you for our time at the Royal Tiger Resort. The welcome you gave us and the service and food were impeccable. Thankyou too for our wonderful drivers who helped us see our dream of tigers in the wild. We loved the place and do hope to return one day.
Dr. Ketele Jens
A Dream of a place with excellent Service.
Dr. Carroll Moulton
Mr. Ernie J. Hulsey
We cannot adequately thank you for your courteous friendship and for all the effort & Kindness shown on your part for us during our stay that was pure delight and all too short ! We are seen that this book will be full soon because this resort will have many admiring visitors.
Sightings :
Excellent Sloth Beer, Outstanding wild dogs, Tiger, Elephants, V.good Barasingha, Wild Boar, Jungle Cat, Very good park rounds!
Bob guest (James Robert)
Absolutely wonderful experience in every respect. Congrats to you all.
Leng Seow and Angela Tan
You have really lived up to the word 'Royal' of the name of your resort. In all our travels, we have never received such personal attention from the directors / Senior management of the resort that you have given us. You made us feel as if we are really royalty!
Kanha National Park is very beautiful and you have done your best to show us the wonderful wildlife in the park. Thank You all : Navneet, Deepika. We hope to return some day to spend more time here. Till then, all the best from us.
Ken & Stella Jones
An Absolutlely wonderful stay, Superb hospitality. Thank you.
Vandana & Ajay, Shriram & Aditya, Anand.
We had a wonderful stay. It was really like home. The warmth & personal attention was what made trip memorable. We look forward to coming back again!
Rene Pop & Jmelda Schoute
Dear Deepika, Navneet and priyanka Thank you over and over again for a wonderful stay. We've really enjoyed being here and the splendours of the park and the Tigers only add up to that. I think we really have got to know the real India. Thanks to you. Dear Deepika, take care you will hear from us very soon!
Sarinda & Ramanika Unamboowe
This has been an experience of a lifetime. We hope we can continue to enjoy your hospitality and this joy's of Kanha National Park in the many years to come. Thank You.
Rukshan & Viji Jayewardene
We have had a wonderul time thanks for the great hospitality & the Tigers of Kanha were an experience of a lifetime. We will certainly be back soon. Bye.
Lesley Boast
Absolutely Fantastic visit.
Nigel & Diane
Again!" What a difference a day makes......words could not do those Tigers enough justice - I am hooured.
Barbara Cook
Great Place and Wonderful Forest.
Dinesh Durani
What a lodge to stay with and me and my grp had great time. The food , the services and the Tigress. Its Really great one of the best lodge of this country. I wish all the best.
Vilma D'Rozario
Thanks for your wonderful hospitality, the excellent food and very comfortable stay here. Your resort is beautiful, and so is kanha. I've had a wonderful time here and definatley will visit again! God Bless.
Kemneth Clark
Friendly / Helpful staff and experienced guides make this a top notch vacation. The fresh air is wonderful and the room very clean. The animals are a once in a lifetime experience.
John Subhan
Very nice place. Very Comfortable hotel. Charming people, very friendly people, very helpful, very authentic like the park itself. Very professional. Thank you!
Lucas & Teresa Martin
This was wonderful! Your rooms were clean and the service superb! The food was the best I've had anywhere in the world. The drivers and guides were tremendous....their knowledge and skills made the tours more in depth and the experience more personal. We saw bison, 4 species of deer, egrets, black headed orielos, wild boar, owls, eagles, 3 tigers ( one with a kill ), sloth bear, foxes, jackels ?? (wild dogs), mynah birds and many species of monkey, leopards fauna. This was more than a vacation - it was an educational experience for our children !
Syleuo E. Barr
Beautiful area of the country, Natural flora nad fauna. Wonderful unexpected thrills.
Renie Baungouhue
Ursula Wackerlin
Walter Berweger
Having toured your lovely and intersting country for more than 3 weeks we were really in need of a rest. After we had seen our first Tiger on the first morning all four of us - enjoying the tranquility of this resort - fell into a deep sleep for nearly 20 hrs, only interrupted by delicious meals. Thereafter we happily got up again before 6 am to go "tiger hunting" and "jungle jumping" with swamp deer and many more animals. But most of all we enjoyed the warm hospitality and competent guidance by our hosta who proved to us that Swiss and Indians so far apart - can feel like a global family. Thank you!
Juliette Russell
Thank You all for such a fantastic experience. The People , The Park, and The Atmosphere. A once in a lifetime experience - you have something very special here n i hope it stays that way. See you again, i hope. " Long Live The Majestic Tigers!"
~ Much Love Jullette Russell ~
Nagelmackers Baudooin & Beatrice
Wonderfull for us to have been with you & your family in such a nice place as "Royal Tiger Resort". Saw Tiger (although we were not assured about this) Our head & heart is full of those days, we would of like to be longer & longer. The best to you & your nice family, we will not forget you & all the happiness here. All our wishes were fulfilled - see you again.
Nick Gardner & Deborah Thrregg, Jacob Delilah Bathsheba
This is the best hotel for Kanha & we enjoyed our stay & the excellent service. Thank you very much till next time.
Mike Mookler
Wonderful again! Great to be back - I'll be coming back again.
Luis de Souza
The food was very good, the accomodation was excellent and words' cannot express how good and worthwhile was the experience and particularly your graciousness and hospitality.
Leisha Jungalwalla
It was the best! Thank you Navneet & Deepika for a excellent time. I'll be back!!
Keith Dentith
Superb - Excellent In Every Detail - I'll comeback next year.
Julie Rodgers
Breathtaking experience! I will be back !
Racheldi Biase
My senses have been overloaded with the scent of mango trees, damp grass under my feet (on your veranda) Searingly Spicy Chicken & heady fascinating conversations. Teeming with wildlife you have nirvana to live in everyday. I've travelled over many continents & found some beautiful people who will always be in the heart....I'll be back. I wish you love, light, & happiness - Love RAYXX
Nikhil Sood
Taking back fond memories of this place and Mrs. and Mr. Singhs' hospitality with the hope of coming back again and again and again.
Marjorie Wilnek
Peaceful, Beautiful, Wonderful Host, great music & Dancing.
Rob & Chrys Schmults
It is hard to say which was better - our hosta or the tigers. Both were wonderful and we hope to return here again. Many Thanks for a wonderful stay!
Neil & Karen Ashton
Thank you very much. Excellent Game and Superb Hospitability. An unforgettable experince.
Dr. Swati Piramal
Fantastic experience. I loved the Bhaloo dance & the magnificent tigers. Would like to come back again & again !
Chandan Mitra
Spectacular. The park exceeded expectations. The resort too is fabulous. The personal touch made a huge difference.
S.V & Usha Chaoji
Serene surroundings, neat and well appointed rooms and homely hospitality of Royal Tiger Resort, Mukki topped our visit to Kanha Reserve Park, which by itself is an extremely enjoyable experience for any nature lover. We shall like to come again to Kanha and more so to Royal Tiger Resort.
M.D. Cooper
Very enjoyable stay. Thanks to the generous hospitability and excellent management.
Barbara & Bot Lewis
We loved every minute. Wonderful food, wonderful conversation, wonderful tiger! Great!
Janet & Bob Sanwell
Thank you all for a wonderful stay. We both very much enjoyed Royal Tiger Resort, its lovely lodge, excellent food and especially the good company. What can we possibly say about the game viewing and the magnificent tigers, except that we shall always remember them. I hope our tiger forests do not fade so soon.
Chuck & Betsey Phillips
Magnificent place - Great tigers. Thank You, Navneet. Great host.
Alan Press
India's 'Best Kept Secret'. You Deserve the success you have. It was a magnificent visit.
Bourelier Family
Marvelous Place. We hope to come again. It is our best remember in India.
Sylve & Bryan Harlow
On Scond visit to Kanha & certainly the best, Royal Tiger Resort is wonderful.