The Kanha National Park, situated in the eastern sector of the central Indian Highlands, ranges over an area of 940 sq km in the Mailkal chain of hills. Kanha Tiger reserve consists of the National Park which forms the Core Zone and a Buffer zone around the core bringing the total area up to 1945 sq. km.
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Beside the Tigers for which kanha is justly famous, the abundance of wildlife here is remarkable – the magnificient Gaur; The hardground Barasinga, the herd of Chital, and the ever present Langur. In all, some 22 species of large mammals are regularly found within the Park – and the birdlife is equally impressive.
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The altitude of the park varies between 450 metres and 950 metres above sea level. The two major rivers here are the Banjar and the Halon – in addition, numerous small tributaries break down through the hill gorges into the valleys, to meander through the meadows. The meadows, dotted with clumps of the great sal tree, lie interspersed with larger areas of sal forest while at higher altitudes the bamboo becomes predominant.
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