The convenient air head for people traveling from Delhi and Mumbai is Nagpur (280 kms from the Resort). Raipur (216 kms from the Resort) is also connected by daily flights from Delhi and thrice a week flight from Mumbai. The flight schedule (valid as on date) is mentioned below:

Please verify exact Flight/Rail details and timings from your travel agent.

Delhi - Jabalpur
Flt. No From To Dept. Arr.
IC7807 (Indian Airlines) Delhi Jabalpur 0600 0800
IT4375 (Kingfisher Airlines) Delhi Jabalpur 0610 0820
Delhi - Raipur
Flt. No From To Dept. Arr.
IC869 (Indian Airlines) Delhi Raipur 0550 0730
S2265 (Jet Lite) Delhi Raipur 0640 0825
IT3656 (Kingfisher Airlines) Delhi Raipur 1820 2005
Delhi - Nagpur
Flt. No From To Dept. Arr.
9W7145 (Jet Airways) Delhi Nagpur 0555 0725
S2261 (Jet Lite) Delhi Nagpur 0555 0725
IC869 (Indian Airlines) Delhi Nagpur 0550 0845
Bombay - Nagpur
Flt. No From To Dept. Arr.
IC129 (Indian Airlines) Bombay Nagpur 0640 0755
S2111 (Jet Lite) Bombay Nagpur 0655 0815
S2175 (Jet Lite) Bombay Nagpur 1515 1635
S2115 (Jet Lite) Bombay Nagpur 1725 1845
IC629 (Indian Airlines) Bombay Nagpur 1840 2000
Bombay - Raipur
Flt. No From To Dept. Arr.
S2377 (Jet Lite) Bombay Raipur 0635 0815
IC169 (Indian Airlines) Bombay Raipur 1025 1155
S2601 (Jet Lite) Bombay Raipur 1015 1310